Nothing beats a Christmas party, does it? The sequins, the Shakin’ Stevens, the…erm…spots?

Yep, we love the festive party season but we hate the post-party breakouts and dry patches. But don’t worry – if you have several Crimbo parties lined up, we’ve got you (and your skin) covered.

Simply read on to discover the Party Girl’s Guide to Good Skin and get ready for all the sparkle minus the skin stress…

Ditch the makeup wipes

When you stumble in from a Christmas party in the early hours of the morning, we understand the temptation to rub a makeup wipe around your face and head straight for bed. However, this quick-fix is always a bad idea, especially if you’re attending several parties over the course of a few weeks. As well as being awful for the planet, makeup wipes are terrible for the skin. They don’t effectively remove makeup and they strip the skin of its natural oils, meaning they’ll leave your face dirty and dry. Now that’s what we call a nightmare before Christmas.

So this is the party girl’s golden rule – cleanse your face properly after every single bash, even if your pyjamas are calling your name.

Drink lots of water

Nothing says Christmas party like a festive tipple – is it even possible to get to 25th December without indulging in at least one (or ten) mulled wines?

However, whilst a few glasses of alcohol are great for our social life, they aren’t too great for our skin. Why? Because alcohol is a powerful dehydrating force that can leave skin drier than a fruitcake on Boxing Day.

Don’t worry, we’re not here to confiscate the cocktails, we simply want to remind you to drink lots of water. This doesn’t just mean after the party’s over, it means the day of the party, during the party, and when you get home. Not only will this help prevent a hangover, it’ll make sure your skin doesn’t completely dry out over the festive period.

Choose your makeup wisely

Choosing your makeup look is perhaps the most fun part of getting ready for a bash (personally, we’re fans of shimmery shadow and statement lips). However, when deciding which products to use, we recommend considering more than just which ones will look best on the dancefloor. Seek out products that are non-comedogenic (a.k.a. products that won’t clog your pores) to minimise the chances of breakouts. This is especially important when choosing makeup products that are applied to the skin itself, such as foundation, blusher, and bronzer.

Don’t forget the eyes

After a good party and a few glasses of prosecco, your eyes are bound to be left looking a little puffy. This is probably the last thing you want if you have more events to attend, so it’s a good idea to invest in some products that have serious de-puffing power.

Firstly, we recommend using an eye cream each night in the run-up to events to make sure your eye area is kept looking bright and feeling moisturised. We also recommend getting some under-eye patches that you can pop under your peepers for some instant soothing and rehydration before a party.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Party Girl’s Guide to Good Skin and will embrace some of our skin wisdom this festive season. Follow these tips and we’re confident that you’ll still be looking fresh by New Year’s Eve. Have fun!