Although it is the season of overinulgence and eating one too many celebrations, some other Christmas foods can give our skin a boost. Chocolate is great and all, but it can create havoc for our skin due to its high sugar and fat content. 

However, the following festive foods can give us the boost we may need during the winter months. 


The perfect balance of tart and sweet, cranberries are known for their bright red appearance and being a superfood. At Christmas, our dinner plates are usually piled high with the rich sauce that pairs beautifully with a roast. 

Aside from being tasty, Cranberries can be useful to our skin because they are high in vitamins and minerals and are naturally anti-inflammatory, which is good for acne prone skin. These berries also contain plenty of Vitamin C, which can help heal acne scars.

To achieve a skin boost, either consume it in food, or you can even dap a small amount of juice onto a cotton pad and use it on the affected area. Make sure to wash it off, though! 

Mixed nuts 

We all have that bowl of nuts that sits on the coffee table, untouched, at Christmas. Nuts are known as being a source of healthy fats, but they are often underlooked for their skin benefits. 

All nuts contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which act as a natural moisturiser for our skin, which can help retain elasticity and fight ageing. These are the ones you should look out for: 

  • Almonds – high in Vitamin E, which makes them anti-inflammatory and good at supporting collagen production
  • Pistachios – contain naturally occurring antioxidants which can control acne by regulating blood sugar levels 
  • Walnuts – contain Omega-3 fats which helps strengthen skin membranes 

Maybe now you’ll give the bowl of nuts another look this Christmas. 


Known for traditionally being a stocking filler, oranges have recently been part of our festive traditions, and conveniently, they are tasty and full of goodness for our skin. 

Just one orange contains 116% of your daily intake of Vitamin C, which is essential for synthesising collagen, the protein that builds and maintains healthy skin. 

Eating an orange a day could provide your skin with a boost during a time of year that can be harsh on our skin. We often forget about Vitamin C in the winter, but it’s so important for keeping our skin looking and feeling fresh. 

Brussel sprouts 

We are saving the best until last. Like cranberries, sprouts are another superfood with a host of skin-boosting properties we shouldn’t ignore. 

Sprouts contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B (controls excess sebum on the skin), and selenium, an essential mineral that can prevent wrinkles from forming on the skin. It can also protect the skin against UV damage, inflammation and pigmentation. 

Although they are not the tastiest, getting your dose of spouts in this season may give your skin the treat it deserves. 

We all deserve to overindulge slightly this season, but this list of Christmas superfoods should not be ignored if you are looking for ways to keep your skin healthy and radiant this winter.