Want to be ahead of the curve in all things beauty? Base Plus founder (and our favourite skincare expert) Yasmin has shared her thoughts on what trends we may encounter in the near-future… 

Atthebase we’re always keeping our eyes peeled for the future of beauty and what it holds. So what are the unfolding trends that we’re witnessing? Here are a few:

Diagnostic Tools to make choosing easy

Clarity – both in terms of ingredients, product recommendations or uncovering the right routine are becoming more important than ever in a world with so much access to information. The fact that we have near unlimited choice across many categories in beauty has further complicated the art of making the right choice. This is why we predict diagnostic tools becoming a staple part of our shopping experience, whether that be online quizzes, or hardware in stores, to accessing specialists via the web.

Sustainability – sooner rather than later

Caring for the earth is fast becoming a permanent consideration at the forefront of peoples minds, and atthebase we couldn’t be happier. Of course we are humbly grateful for the people who have been consistently advocating for mindful consumption and sustainable practices – the considerations are definitely not new. But it’s important that sustainability becomes mainstream and normalised to maximise the impact of individual efforts, even though being sustainable is in essence at odds with mass-consumption. The tides are turning somewhat however, as brands are finding innovative ways to operate better. Some of our favourites are: Up-cycle programmes, refillable products, compostable packaging and creative re-purposing.


Unsuspectingly, the beauty industry is one where, very often, some of the most innovative technologies are deployed – it is defined by creativity that doesn’t stop at exploring different ways to express our identities. In fact – augmented reality has had quite the debut – ‘magic mirrors’ or app-based AR softwares that allow people to preview how different make-up products will look on their skin, for example, have spread like wildfire. 3D printing is another trend that again, make-up companies in particular have adopted, creating products such as custom colour cosmetics (eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks) that are tailored to individuals’ unique desires.

Beauty includes the inside too

The industry, seemingly spurred on by the general wellness movement, is placing increasing focus on nutrition as an extension of or even a pre-cursor to externally visible ‘beauty’. As a result, the beauty supplement industry is starting to see a flurry of activity, also due to the fact that brands are seeking new spaces in which they can seek to become category-leaders. Supplements take many different forms – from allegedly youth-boosting collagen drinks, to glow-inducing powders and skin clarifying capsules. Price is likely to be a consideration for most people as these products are yet to be widely viewed as beauty necessities rather than beauty ‘nice-to-haves’.