What’s the best SPF for oily skin?

People with oily skin need certain types of sun cream to get great SPF coverage without the shine. Here’s what you need to look for when shopping for SPF for oily skin. 

Do beauty products expire?

If your product is past its expiry, then best case it is completely fine, but there is a reasonable risk that it can cause breakouts, irritation or the active ingredients do absolutely nothing at all now (making it useless).

Should we buy celebrity beauty ranges?

Personally, I've always felt a sense of distrust towards celebrity-backed products. Image over content often seems to apply. Maybe if I was a bigger fan of the person putting out the skincare line, I'd think differently, but mostly it seems to be celebs jumping onto the latest trend to make money. 

Probiotics in skincare

Topical probiotic products are now available from a range of brands to help keep our skin in the best condition. But is this just another skincare fad, or something actually worth incorporating into your routine? 
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